Eaton Cutler Hammer Panelboard Breakers (Bolt-on, Bolt-In)

Eaton Cutler Hammer Panelboards are enclosed assemblies for lighting and distribution that accept incoming power and consist of a series of circuit breakers and/or fusible switches. These devices protect each circuit by providing overcurrent and short-circuit protection.

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Eaton Cutler Hammer Type BK
Eaton Cutler Hammer Type BK has a non-illuminated push-button. The size is 30.5 MM and the operation type is momentary with contact configuration. The contact rating is 600 Vac is at 50/60 HZ 10 Ampere. The vendor is Eaton Distribution Equipment/Controls.

Eaton Cutler Hammer Type EHD
Eaton Cutler Hammer Type EHD, the terminal type has lugs included and the voltage is 480 VAC. The shunt trip is optional, auxillary switch: optional, protection is branch circuit. A wide variety of internal and external accessory combinations are allowable.

Eaton Cutler Hammer Type GHB
Eaton Cutler Hammer Type GHB is a circuit breaker that is suitable for reverse feed use, and for the circuit protection of low voltage systems. All 2 and 3 pole circuit breakers are of a common trip type. The GHB is HACR rated for heating, air-conditioner and refrigeration applications.

Eaton Cutler Hammer Type BAB
Eaton Cutler Hammer Type BAB has a flexible power feed connection (wire size and position) offers product uniformity as well as ease of installation. Field-mountable accessories make installation and on-site custom configuration easy. Compact designs are available to minimize panel size.