Wire Protection Devices

Wire protection devices are available in a variety of types, shapes, and specific current ratings. A fuse is the most common protection device. A fuse is placed in an electrical circuit, so that when current flow exceeds the rating of the fuse it “blows” or “blows out.”

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Corrugated Loom Tubing Duct Sealing System
Grommet Edging Wire Guard Nail Plate

Corrugated Loom Tubing
Corrugated Loom Tubing provides protection for cables. It is slitted for an easier install onto a bundle of wires or a pre-assembled harness assembly. The material is polyethylene. The product type is slit wall corrugated loom tubing.

Duct Sealing System
Ducts are used to distribute conditioned air throughout the house. About 20 to 30 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. The result is higher utility bills and difficulty keeping the house comfortable, no matter how the thermostat is set.

Grommet Edging
Grommet Edging protects and prevents wires and cables from chafing against sharp edges of panel walls and knockouts. In addition to standard grommet edging, Panduit offers grommet edging with a pressure sensitive adhesive that lines the base of the product, providing an easy, clean, and secure application.

Wire Guard Nail Plate
Wire Guard Nail Plates help to prevent risk damage to internal wire runs. You can install wire guard nail plates to guard against accidental nail puncture. These zinc-plated steel plates are for interior use. They protect internal wire runs from nail punctures. The zinc-plated steel resists corrosion.