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LED Light Fixtures and Electrical Supplies

Energy-Efficient Lighting Supplies

Get all of the "green" or environmentally friendly LED light fixtures and other energy-efficient lighting supplies that you need for homes, business offices, retail stores, manufacturing and industrial facilities and more. Frost Electric in St. Louis supplies regional electricians, construction contractors and companies, businesses (B2B or business-to-business sales) and the general public with high-efficiency lighting products including LED lights, fixtures, adaptors, professional-grade wiring, replacement bulbs, permanent-use fixtures, housing, mounts, and temporary outdoor lighting equipment as well. Frost is well known in the St. Louis market as the supplier for all of your lighting and electrical product requirements whether for industrial, commercial or residential usage.

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Permanent and Temporary Use Lighting Products

Frost Electric has a wide variety of energy-efficient products, and lighting supplies, that are available for direct B2B sales, or for residential customers. Our commitment to providing our customers with the best products on the market (from major manufacturers and brand-name companies), is known throughout the metropolitan region and into central Missouri and western Illinois. Frost also sells high quality, energy-efficient LED light fixtures and other products nationwide through the Frost web store. Find the LED lighting products you need online at Frost.

Some of the LED light fixtures and supplies available from Frost include:

  • Commercial, industrial, manufacturing, retail and residential-use LED lights, light fixtures, mounts, housings, adaptors, commercial-grade wiring, replacement parts and bulbs
  • Review product information on complete LED lighting systems
  • Other energy-efficient lighting products, and high abuse (or usage) products including fluorescent lighting products, fixtures, bulbs, ballasts, baffles and other parts
  • Halogen-Tungsten lighting products for high-use environments, manufacturing, industrial facilities
  • Temporary outdoor lights, worklights, floodlights, portable lighting, address lighting, landscaping lighting products, sign lighting, and much more...
  • Review Frost's "green choice" lighting products and case studies on energy-efficiency for industrial and commercial usage
  • Frost also offers recycling programs for many lighting products and supplies

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