Box Support Clips/Hangers/Fasteners

Box Support Clips/Hangers/Fasteners clip to plaster, drywall, concrete block, brick or concrete. They can clip to old work steel switch boxes tightly to wall plaster, dry wall, concrete block, brick or concrete. They are made of steel.

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Bar Hangers/Clips
Bar Hangers/Clips allow the box to be placed between ceiling joists or wall studs quickly and easily. Park in place barbs is inserted into joist prior to screw installation. It includes a stud to accommodate fixture stem.

Box To Conduit Hanger
Box To Conduit Hanger has one assembly that provides support for horizontal electrical box and/or conduit from threaded rod. It eliminates the need for offset bending conduit. There is 66% less drop wires.

Old Work (Handy/Switch Box) Clips
Old Work (Handy/Switch Box) Clips may have a wiring method that could be conduit or a cable connector. Gangable switch boxes offer the option of construction a box to hold two or more devices.