4 Inch Square Boxes & Accessories

4 Inch Square Boxes & Accessories are installed in ceilings or walls for lighting fixtures, switches or receptacles. They are used where multiple conductor runs are split into two or more directions to bring power to a number of electrical devices.

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Electrical Steel Boxes & Accessories metallic outlet boxes and accessories to provide innovative and efficient solutions for electrical rough-in.

Extension Rings
Extension Rings extend receptacles or switch boxes flush with a newly installed wall surface such as tile, wainscot or drywall. The PVC construction is compatible with all box styles included PVC, fiberglass or steel. They are designed for indoor use with all box styles.

Low Voltage Partitions
Low Voltage Partitions are for use with 4 in. square boxes. They separate low voltage circuits from standard power circuit applications. They are for use with deep boxes and device raised covers. They are made from zinc pre-coated steel.

Mud Rings /Plaster Frames
Mud Rings /Plaster Frames provide the compatibility and efficient design that you need to complete your job as competitively as possible. Mud Rings deliver cutting edge innovation and provide quick installation.

Surface/Flat Covers
Surface Covers allow extension cords to be covered while they are in use. They meet stringent extra duty requirements as required by the NEC. There is non-metallic material used that is paintable to match any household décor. There is a stainless steel hinge pin. It can be mounted horizontal or vertical.