Gang Boxes & Accesories

Gang Boxes & Accessories refer to a toolbox or workbox that can be accessed by multiple workers. Gang Boxes are boxes that are usually metal and house installed electrical componentry. They are typically used in the electrical industry.

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1-5/8 Inch Deep
1-5/8 Inch Deep Gang Boxes are used where a number of wiring devices are to be centrally located. They save time in installation and there is no need to gang boxes together. They accept two styles of covers flat and raised device covers.

2-1/2 Inch Deep
2-1/2 Inch Deep Gang Boxes are ideal for surface mount applications. They provide ample room for housing electrical wiring. The box is constructed of pre-galvanized steel and features a UL listing for safety.

Mud Rings/Covers
Mud Rings/Covers provide the compatibility and efficient design that you need to complete your job as competitively as possible. Mud Rings deliver cutting edge innovation and provide quick installation.