Floor Boxes

Floor Boxes are a flawless solution for A/V, electrical power and communication projects. Floor boxes can be installed on wood, concrete, raised, carpeted or even terrazzo floor types.

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Adjustable floor boxes have a low cost, are clean and are neat adjustable floor boxes that fit most floor heights up to 2”. Non-metallic boxes with gasketed box covers in four decorator colors; white, black, brown, light almond. Cover gasket prevents water intrusion. Threaded plugs or “flip lid” protect the receptacle when not in use.

Concrete (Pour)
Concrete (Pour) have a nonmetallic top that allows for concrete pours between 4” thick to 6” thick. There are graduated markings on the inside and the outside of the box indicating volume capacity as well as the depth of concrete pour.

Drop-In Floor Boxes are the fastest way to put a floor socket anywhere power is needed. They are designed to accommodate high and low-voltage applications and comes complete with everything needed for installation.

Rectangular/Square floor boxes are able to make installing floor outlets faster and are easy to provide maximum installation flexibility. They are available in different sizes and gangs.

Round floor boxes offer three service capabilities, power, phone and data all in a single unit. Round floor boxes are designed to keep job costs down and have the design flexibility to accommodate future needs. There is a multi-service divider kit that separates power, data and communication into three compartments.