Metallic Junction Boxes / Enclosures

Metallic Junction Boxes/ Enclosures easily protect against dirt, water and water during submersion. They are great for outdoor and indoor usage. They are highly rated for versatility and ease of use. They are CSA and UL listed along with being designed to not rust or corrode.

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NEMA Enclosure Back Panels
NEMA Enclosure Back Panels are 14 gauge (carbon, galvanized and stainless). There is a white polyester powder finish on the steel panels. There are optional G panels that have a conductive finish.

NEMA-1 Enclosures
NEMA-1 Enclosures have an enclosure and cover that are fabricated from code gauge steel or galvanized steel. The enclosure body has mounting holes on the back. There are keyhole slots provided in the cover that allow easy access to the inside without removing the screws. There is hole provision for the optional ground lug kit.

NEMA-3R Enclosures
NEMA-3R Enclosures are used as wiring boxes, junction and pull boxes. They protect against falling rain, sleet and external ice formation. The enclosure body has embossed mounting holes on the back. The cover is held secure by sliding it under the top end flange.

NEMA-4X JIC SS Enclosures (BN4-CH Series)
NEMA-4X JIC SS Enclosures (BN4-CH Series) provides unmatched protection for housing electrical components in highly corrosive environments. This enclosure is used in indoor and outdoor settings that are frequently wet or have constant exposure to water, other liquids, or contaminants.

NEMA-12 JIC Painted Enclosures (B-CH Series/JIC Series)
NEMA-12 JIC Painted Enclosures (B-CH Series/JIC Series) are designed to house electrical controls, terminals, instruments and components. They provide protection from dirt, dust, oil and water. The body and door are fabricated from 14 gauge steel and are continuously welded seams ground smooth, less knockouts or holes.

Wireway /Wiring Trough Enclosure & Accessories
Wireway/Wiring Trough Enclosure & Accessories are designed to enclose and protect electrical wiring from dirt, dust, oil and water. They are ideal for connecting machines to control panels or power sources. They have smooth continuously welded seams.