4 Inch Square PVC Boxes/Plaster Frames

4 Inch Square PVC Boxes/Plaster Frames are ideal for new work or retrofit applications. They are available in backed box or backless bracket designs. They make upgrades easy. They are UL listed, nonmetallic and durable.

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4 Square Box
4 Square Boxes are for use with conduit and can be ceiling mounted to be used as a junction box or to mount lighting fixtures. They are certified for use in the U.S. and Canada. They are available in red for fire alarm applications.

Plaster Frame / Mud Ring
Plaster Frame / Mud Ring are manufactured from durable pre-galvanized steel and are designed to house and protect electrical wiring, switches and receptacles. They are made from zinc, pre-coated steel. They are UL listed and acceptable for use in 2-hour fire rated walls and ceilings.