Non-Metallic Boxes & Accessories are made for quick and easy installation, code-compliance and durability. Non-Metallic Boxes & Accessories are widely recognized as the industry standard. They are safe and durable along with being fire resistant. They include Carlon E971FB, Carlon E97DSB, and Arlington BE4.

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Box Extenders
Box Extenders lend support to the contents of a wall box. This non-conductive extender helps prevent arcing by forming a barrier between the box and the metal screws on the device. They level and support wiring devices in an electrical box. They have UL and CSA safety listings.

Switch Box Low Voltage Brackets
Switch Box Low Voltage Brackets is specially designed for the installation of low-voltage devices in an existing wall. It can help to aid in the installation of low-voltage devices such as cable television; data communication or telephone jacks in an existing wall. This non-metallic PVC is heat, fire and corrosion resistant.