Surface Raceway Electrical Boxes

Surface Raceway Electrical Boxes are device boxes. They come in different colors and are made of material steel. They can be used in 500 and 700 raceways and they include a backing plate. They have a backing that is non-adhesive.

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1-Gang Surface Raceway Electrical Boxes are the ideal choice for the homeowner that wants to extend circuits or communication cabling in their home. Surface metal raceway allows you to extend circuits, add fixtures or outlets without disturbing the drywall, plaster or insulation in your home and commercial use also.

2-Gang Surface Raceway Electrical Boxes are a deep device box. They come in different colors and are made out of the material of PVC. There is a mounting Snap On backing. The standards are UL and CSA. They are for use with 400, 800 and 2300 raceways.

3-Gang Surface Raceway Electrical Boxes are designed especially for use in the installation of the signal system and alarm wiring.

Extension/Adapters are for extensions from existing flush switch and receptacle boxes. The cover has double twist outs and you can break out lower twist outs for used. They accept industry standard faceplates for electrical and communication devices.

Overfloor (Pancake)
Overfloor (Pancake) is ideal for open space wiring of workstations and desk areas in high traffic sites. They mount directly to the floor and provides safe load bearing strength for normal office use. Both raceways offer a full complement of fittings and device boxes for power and communication wiring. They come unpainted with a paintable galvanized finish.

Round is versatile raceway that provides an attractive, durable solution that is ideal for remodeling projects in offices, schools, residential or commercial buildings. There is high tech finish with a low profile design that compliments any interior design. It provides a functional wiring path and the ability to install devices.