NEMA-1 Hinged Screw Cover (HS Series)

NEMA-1 Hinged Screw Cover (HS Series) are designed to protect electrical wiring where dirt, dust, oil and water are not serious problems. All the sections are open on one side so wires and cable can be laid in along an entire wireway run.

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Screw Cover Enclosure
Screw Cover Enclosures are used in commercial and general industrial applications that require a junction or pull box. They are available with or without knockouts. There are various sizes of easy-to-remove concentric knockouts on all four sides of standard boxes with knockouts.

Connectors are a type of electrical connector that is used to fasten two or more low-voltage conductors. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are made for high-temperature applications, such as heating appliances.

End Caps
End Caps are close-ended, tubular rubber sleeves that are factory expanded onto a removable core. When they are positioned over the end of a cable or other cylindrical object, the core is removed to provide a reliable environmental seal.

Panel Adapters
Panel Adapters allow for flexibility and expansion with an industry accepted style. The panel adapter snaps in for installation and can be removed easily for future changes. The adapter panel is silkscreened for easy port identification.

90 Degree Elbow
90 Degree Elbows are for connecting tubing to a threaded connection at an angle. They connect a hose on one end and a female NPT threaded connection on the other. They are glass-reinforced polypropylene for rigidity, lightweight, dimensional stability and resistance to heat, corrosion, most chemicals and high impact.