Wireway/Wiring Trough Enclosure & Accessories

Wireway/Wiring Trough Enclosure & Accessories are designed for use to protect multiple wiring junctions in outdoor environments against the ingress of rain, sleet, snow and the external formation of ice. They are formed and spot welded from gauge galvanized steel.

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NEMA-1 Hinged Screw Cover (HS Series)
NEMA-1 Hinged Screw Cover (HS Series) are designed to protect electrical wiring where dirt, dust, oil and water are not serious problems. All the sections are open on one side so wires and cable can be laid in along an entire wireway run.

NEMA-3R Wiring Trough (RSCG Series)
NEMA-3R Wiring Trough (RSCG Series) are enclosures that are designed to protect wiring against rain, sleet and snow in outdoor installations, or indoors against dripping water. There are knockouts provided on the bottom of the enclosure.