Boxes, Enclosures, & Fittings

Boxes consist of wall boxes, ceiling boxes, junction boxes and fan fixture boxes. An electrical enclosure is a cabinet for electrical or electronic equipment to mount switches, knobs and displays to prevent electrical shock to equipment users and protect the contents from the environment. Electrical fittings are commonly used. They are light and cheap.

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Box Hangers/Hardware/Supports Bushings
Electrical Steel Boxes & Accessories Explosion Proof Boxes & Accessories
Fixture/Ceiling Fan Boxes/Blocks Floor Boxes/Poke Thru & Accessories
FS/FD Cast Device Box General Purpose Enclosure/Junction Boxes
Pushbutton Enclosure
Sealing Compounds
Weatherproof Boxes & Covers

Box Hangers/Hardware/Supports
Box Hangers quickly mount a box to T-grid. They are easily installable but hand and they have adjustable height for various electrical box depths. Hardware is tools, machinery and other durable equipment. Supports are things that bear the weight of something and keep it upright.

Bushings operate with sliding motion between the moving surfaces. Bushings are selected based on the velocity and the applied load. A bushing is an insulated device that allows an electrical conductor to pass safely through an (usually) earthed conducting barrier such as the wall of a transformer or circuit breaker.

Electrical Steel Boxes & Accessories
Electrical Steel Boxes & Accessories metallic outlet boxes and accessories to provide innovative and efficient solutions for electrical rough-in. You can save time and labor by shipping prefabricated ready-to-install assemblies of boxes, covers, fittings and brackets directly to the job site.

Explosion Proof Boxes & Accessories
Explosion Proof Boxes & Accessories have a bolt-on/tap-in mounting feet that allows for easy field replacement in case of damage or breaking. They are factory drilled and tapped with internal mounting pads that enable the installer to easily add a mounting plate in the field.

Fixture/Ceiling Fan Boxes/Blocks
Fixture/Ceiling Fan Boxes/Blocks are suitable for support of fans. There is an easy access entry point that serves as a wire clamp and that eliminates the time required to mechanically secure the wire to the box.

Floor Boxes/Poke Thru & Accessories
Floor Boxes are a flawless solution for A/V, electrical power and communication projects. Floor boxes can be installed on wood, concrete, raised, carpeted or even terrazzo floor types. Poke Thru’s offer limitless, cost-effective solutions for open spaces. They help to meet the most demanding performance standards.

FS/FD Cast Device Box
FS/FD Cast Device Boxes accommodate wiring devices such as switches and receptacles. They provide excellent service in areas where boxes are subject to rough usage. They serve as pull boxes for conductors.

General Purpose Enclosure/Junction Boxes
An electrical junction box is a container for electrical connections, usually intended to conceal them from sight and deter tampering. A small metal or plastic junction box may form part of an electrical conduit or thermoplastic-sheathed cable (TPS) wiring system in a building.

Knockout Bushings, Plugs, & Seals
Knockout Bushings, Plugs, & Seals are designed to protect wires in threaded rigid or IMC conduits. They are made of heat-tolerant thermoplastic and they can be used indoors or outdoors. They are UL and CSA listed.

Non-Metallic Boxes & Accessories
Non-Metallic Boxes & Accessories are made for quick and easy installation, code-compliance and durability. Non-Metallic Boxes & Accessories are widely recognized as the industry standard. They are safe and durable along with being fire resistant.

Pushbutton Enclosure
Pushbutton Enclosure helps you to add the right push button enclosure to seal the deal. These important push button protectors prevent damage and wear to sensitive electrical contacts so your push button lasts longer. Whether it is a new safety stop, multi-directional control device, these push button enclosures work very hard.

Recessed (TV) Boxes
Recessed (TV) Boxes have new or retrofit construction, they are non-metallic and can deliver power as well as low voltage for satellite, cable TV or even speakers all while sitting recessed so your TV can have that “floating” look. The Recessed (TV) Boxes are specifically designed for helping organize wires for TVs and stereos.

Sealing Compounds
Sealing Compounds form a dam between sealing fitting and the end of the conduit. They pack around the electrical conductors entering the hub. They allow you to safely and reliably pack the fiber dam in an explosion proof-sealing fitting.

Surface Raceway Electrical Boxes
Surface Raceway Electrical Boxes are device boxes. They come in different colors and are made of material steel. They can be used in 500 and 700 raceways and they include a backing plate. They have a backing that is non-adhesive.

Underground PullBox Enclosure
Underground PullBox Enclosures are designed for use in pulling, splicing and storing cable as well as for access to underground electric utilities, telephone power, communications, CATV, or water lines. They are an alternative to traditional concrete service boxes.

Weatherproof Boxes & Covers
Weatherproof Boxes & Covers are designed for use in branch circuit wiring in wet, damp or dry locations. Boxes house receptacles, switches and GFCI’s. Bell Boxes may also be used as a weatherproof junction box. They have rugged die-cast aluminum construction.

Wireway/Wiring Trough Enclosure & Accessories
Wireway/Wiring Trough Enclosure & Accessories are designed for use to protect multiple wiring junctions in outdoor environments against the ingress of rain, sleet, snow and the external formation of ice. They are formed and spot welded from gauge galvanized steel.