Metallic Conduit Outlet Bodies are made of iron and they have a body style of TB. The hub size is 1 in. The form is size 7. They are available for use in a hazardous location. They are threaded and have a back type that is flat back. The color is gray.

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LL Conduit Bodies are PVC and have the body style of LL. They have the form of 7. They are not threaded with the back type flat back. The special features are standards of UL and CSA.

LB Conduit Bodies have a larger body size that facilities pulling of large and heavy conductors. It has specially designed raised cast covers that provide an additional wiring area.

T Conduit Bodies are made of copper free aluminum. They have the body style of T. They are the form 7 style. You can use them in hazardous location. They are threaded. The back type is a flat back and they are gray in color.

LR Conduit Bodies are made out of aluminum and have the body style LL. The Form is 3. It is threaded. The back type is flat black. The standards are UL and the item is a conduit outlet body. It comes in the silver color.

C Conduit Bodies are made of a die cast copper-free aluminum construction. They are lightweight and are corrosion-resistant for long, reliable service. The epoxy powder coat finish provides additional corrosion resistance and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The domed aluminum cover provides additional cubic capacity.

The Mogul design is for large and heavy conductors. They serve as pulling fittings. Mogul Conduit Bodies make bends in the conduit system. Mogul Conduit Bodies provide openings for splicing and connect and change direction of conduit runs. Mogul Conduit Bodies allow connections for branch runs.

PVC Coated Iron
PVC Coated Iron Conduit Fittings extend the life of your electrical system for many years beyond the lifespan of standard rigid conduit systems. They are available in custom colors and any color needed for the job.