Conduit (Meyers) Hubs

Conduit (Meyers) Hubs are used in termination of electrical circuits through the wall of the enclosure. They are designed for use indoors or outdoors with rigid conduit and IMC. They are suitable for use in environmentally demanding applications, including those with the presence of chemicals, such as acetic, citric and salt water.

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Conduit (Meyers) Hubs are made out of aluminum and have natural finish zinc. They are for use with rigid and IMC conduit. It is vibration-proof. The conduit configuration is straight and the conduit material is zinc.

Die Cast
Die Cast Conduit (Meyers) Hubs are a zinc die cast hazardous location insulated ground hub. The throat type is insulated. They are for use with Rigid and IMC Conduit. The materials are a die cast zinc. The hub is insulated and listed for hazardous location.

PVC Coated
PVC Coated Conduit (Meyers) Hubs are available in a wide range of styles, trade sizes and materials to meet customer requirements and preferences. There are multiple certifications that provide users peace of mind. There is easy installation and a smooth pulling service for labor savings.