Conduit Nipples

Conduit nipples are used through knockout to connect box to conduit coupling. There is a locknut to connect two boxes side-by-side or back-to-back. There is a locknut that connects fixture housing to continuous runs. The materials are malleable iron or zinc die cast.

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Aluminum Nipple
Aluminum Nipples are widely used for plumbing activities because of their lightweight opportunity to serve you with different types and styles. They have custom threads and plain end pipe is available.

Heavy Wall Nipple
The Heavy Wall Nipple is used to quickly provide variable length adjustments in ducting lines of QF pipe. It includes cut pipe, clamp, and a 16 gauge galvanized steel and adjustable nipple.

Chase Nipple
The Chase Nipple along with a rigid coupling is used to terminate a run of threaded conduit into an enclosure box. The Chase Nipple is rated for both indoor and outdoor use. It is UL and CSA listed. It is usable indoors or outdoors.

Offset Nipple
The Offset Nipple allows you to offset the axis of a raceway by in. It is made of zinc alloy. It is strong and resists corrosion. It is for indoor and outdoor applications. It provides a in. offset when flexibility is needed to finish an installation using multiple boxes and enclosures.