AC/MC (HCF) Fittings

AC/MC (HCF) Fittings save time and money with every installation. The fittings snap right into the box with the satisfying click of performance. The AC/MC (HCF) Fittings can be easily installed after the connector is in the box. They are designed to work the way you work.

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Combination Coupling
Combination Coupling is used to join EMT conduit to armoured cable, metal-clad cable or flexible metallic conduit. It has a dual gripping saddle design on the coupling safely securing the cable or conduit in place and prevents loosening from vibration.

Snap-In/Snap-Tite is made with zinc die-cast. It is for steel and aluminum cable. Flexible metal conduit steel and aluminum is used. MC cable continuous corrugated aluminum. It is concrete tight when taped. It is made of flexible metal conduit, CSA listed with anti-short bushing (UL not applicable).