Flexible Metal Fittings

Flexible Metal Fittings are connectors are used to secure non-metallic sheathed cable to boxes and enclosures. They are used to secure non-metallic sheathed cable, service entrance cable and flexible cords to boxes and enclosures.

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AC/MC (HCF) Fittings
AC/MC (HCF) Fittings save time and money with every installation. The fittings snap right into the box with the satisfying click of performance. The AC/MC (HCF) Fittings can be easily installed after the connector is in the box. They are designed to work the way you work.

Anti-Short Bushings
Anti-Short Bushings protect conductor insulation from sharp edges at the point where flexible metal conduit or armored cables are cut. Cable stapes are used to secure nonmetallic sheathed cable and type SE/U cable to wooden structures.

Die Cast FMC (Greenfield) Fittings
Die Cast FMC (Greenfield) Fittings connect with the next generation of Greenfield flex connectors. The fast way to connect Greenflex, FMC conduit to an enclosure or box. Adapters even let you convert EMT, LT, Rigid and Cord to Greenflex conduit. There are no tools required. You can free your hands and speed every installation with American Fittings Greenfield SPEC-flex connectors.

Malleable FMC (Greenfield) Fittings
Malleable FMC (Greenfield) Fittings offer high quality and high performance fittings. They are designed to the toughest standards and integrating the latest technology, not only do you get a reliable and durable product. You also get one that reduces installation time and cost.