Non-Metallic (Carflex)

Non-Metallic (Carflex) is a straight liquid tight connector that is for a flexible non-metallic liquidtight conduit. Connector is PVC. Carflex is easy to install because it weighs 50% less than comparable metallic systems. The fittings are functionally superior to and competitive with conventional metallic systems.

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PVC Fittings are perfect for DWV and water-supply applications. The pipe is easy to load, transport and handle and offers excellent corrosion resistance. It retains a smooth interior. It is easy to load, transport and handle. It is resistant to tuberculation, corrosive soil or water conditions and electrolytic and galvanic corrosion.

Zinc Snap2it
Zinc Snapzit helps users to save time and money. They offer the fastest, easiest installation on liquid-tight conduit. For installation, simply push on to conduit and that is all. They ship fully assembled. They are removable and reusable as well.