Liquid Tight Connectors

Liquid Tight Connectors are constructed of UV-rated plastic for long-lasting, outdoor life. The connector is compatible with non-metallic, liquid-tight, type B conduit. It is for usage with non-metallic, type B conduit. It is made for indoor or outdoor use.

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Metallic (Sealtite)
The Metallic (Sealtite) is constructed of continuously interlocked hot dipped zinc galvanized steel core for exceptional crush and corrosion resistance. It is approved for direct burial and in concrete trade sizes. It is durable and sunlight resistant.

Non-Metallic (Carflex)
Non-Metallic (Carflex) is a straight liquid tight connector that is for a flexible non-metallic liquidtight conduit. Connector is PVC. Carflex is easy to install because it weighs 50% less than comparable metallic systems. The fittings are functionally superior to and competitive with conventional metallic systems.