Metallic Conduit Connectors have a flexible metal conduit fitting. They are straight and insulated. They insulation type is polypropylene. The material is of die cast zinc. It is for use with Flexible Metal Conduit (Steel) and Reduced Wall Flexible Conduit (Steel), the special features are a squeeze clamp and the standards are UL and CSA.

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Set Screw
Set Screw Connectors are designed to connect and effectively bond EMT to steel outlet boxes, load centers and other metal enclosures. Their bodies and locknuts are made with die-cast zinc alloy for strength and their setscrews are made from zinc-plated steel. Their setscrews’ Tri-Drive head design works with slotted and square screwdrivers.

Compression Connectors give installers a large visual indication that the coax cable has been correctly and completely inserted. Compression Connectors offer a high performing, reliable economical solution for applications that do no require weatherproof connectivity.

Raintight Connectors are used to join EMT conduit to a box or enclosure in raintight environments. They prevent water seepage into conduit, box or enclosure. They have all steel construction with zinc electroplate finish that provides durable corrosion resistance. There is a flat surface on gland nut that provides a smooth, flat surface for easy wrenching.