Metallic Conduit Couplings are used to affix two ends of EMT conduit together. The couplings are designed for use in dry locations only. When they are taped, they can be used for concrete-tight connections. The all steel construction ensures mechanical protection for the raceway.

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Set Screw
Set Screws couplings are used in dry locations to connect the ends of two EMT thin wall conduits together to extend the raceway. The Set Screws are rated for electrical applications above 600 volts. Their heavy gauge steel construction maintains mechanical protection and solid grounding of one conduit to another. They are made with a versatile combination head screw that can securely fasten one conduit to another using a slotted or head screwdriver.

Combination Coupling/Go To
Combination Coupling/Go To is used to join EMT conduit to rigid cable, armoured cable, metal-clad cable or flexible metallic conduit. The material is of a steel and zinc die cast. The finishes are a zinc plated (steel) and zinc (natural).

Compression Couplings easily connect poly tubing and create a strong, watertight seal without the use of glues or special tools. It is ideal for repairing or expanding your drip irrigation system. It is made from durable, UV resistant materials for long life in the landscape.

Threaded Couplings are fully threaded and made of Grade 2 Steel. They have a zinc chromate plated finish. The thread type is standard and there is a right hand thread direction. The straight-line pull is of a max of 1200 lbs.