Metallic Conduit Connectors/Couplings

Metallic Conduit Connectors/Couplings offer protection from the magnetic fields, impact damage and crushing when pulling electrical cable. The Metallic Conduit Connectors/Couplings resist flattening, kinking and splitting and is coated with zinc for corrosion and abrasion resistance.

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Metallic Conduit Connectors have a flexible metal conduit fitting. They are straight and insulated. They insulation type is polypropylene. The material is of die cast zinc. It is for use with Flexible Metal Conduit (Steel) and Reduced Wall Flexible Conduit (Steel), the special features are a squeeze clamp and the standards are UL and CSA.

Metallic Conduit Couplings are used to affix two ends of EMT conduit together. The couplings are designed for use in dry locations only. When they are taped, they can be used for concrete-tight connections. The all steel construction ensures mechanical protection for the raceway.