Flexible Conduit

Flexible Conduit is available in many different options. There are two different wall thicknesses. The thicker flexible metal conduit is full wall and the thinner wall product is reduced wall flexible metal conduit. There is a large selection of Flexible Conduit that has a variety of industrial and professional uses. You can choose from various sizes and types.

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Flexduct ENT Flex Plus

Flex Duct is a thermally insulated, fully lined, flexible air duct that is designed for use in HVAC distribution systems. Flex Duct can be defined as a short length of flexible non-porous material that is inserted between metal ductwork and a metal air diffuser (or air register) that prevents the transmission of vibration between these components of the system.

ENT Flex Plus
Flex Plus ENT is a nonmetallic flexible raceway that is for use in walls, floors, and non-plenum ceilings. It is lightweight, hand bendable and free from sharp edges, which reduces installation time and saves money.

Innerduct is a smaller conduit (or tube) that is used to subdivide large ducts for the placement of optical fiber cables in the underground conduit system. The typical underground conduit is 4 in diameter and was designed for large copper telecommunications cables.