Conduit & Raceway

Conduit is the tube or trough for protecting electric wiring. A conduit can also be referred to as a duct, pipe, tube, channel, gutter or trench. A raceway is an enclosed conduit that forms a physical pathway for electrical wiring. Raceways protect wires and cables from heat, humidity, corrosion, water intrusion and general physical threats.

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Conduit Aluminum

Conduit HW & EMT
Conduit HW is the heaviest weight and the thickest wall steel conduit. Conduit EMT (Electrical metallic tubing) is sometimes called a thin-wall and it is commonly used instead of galvanized rigid conduit (GRC) as it is less costly and it is lighter that GRC.

Conduit Aluminum
Conduit Aluminum is a thick-walled threaded tubing and it is usually made of coated steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Conduit IMC
IMC (Intermediate Metal Conduit) is a rigid steel electrical conduit that is lighter in weight than another rigid conduit. It was designed specifically to protect insulated electrical conductors and cables. It does the work of a similar conduit, galvanized rigid conduit (GRC), but with much less weight and thickness size.

Conduit PVC Coated
Conduit PVC Coated is perfect to use in corrosive environments. Conduit PVC Coated is available in both rigid steel and aluminum. It is a key link in a raceway system and is designed to beat the high cost of corrosion damage.

Conduit Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Conduit fittings deliver unbeatable corrosion protection where you need it. This helps you to save time and money throughout the life of your facility. There is a superior resistance to corrosion and heat. It is combined with unmatched strength, which makes Stainless Steel Conduit a perfect long term solution for even the most extreme environments.

Flexible Conduit
Flexible Conduit is available in many different options. There are two different wall thicknesses. The thicker flexible metal conduit is full wall and the thinner wall product is reduced wall flexible metal conduit. There is a large selection of Flexible Conduit that has a variety of industrial and professional uses. You can choose from various sizes and types.

The helical coiling of a self-interlocked ribbed strip of aluminum or steel makes Greenfield (FMC). This forms a hollow tube through which wires can be pulled.

Plugmold has a steel construction that provides superior strength and durability for any dry location installation. There are many different finishes and a compact, low profile appearance. There is a full range of fittings and a variety of lengths. You can choose the receptacle spacing and the duplex receptacle.

Sealtite is constructed of continuously interlocked hot dipped zinc galvanized steel core for exceptional crush and corrosion resistance. It is approved for direct burial and in concrete trade sizes. It is durable, sunlight resistant and flame retardant thermoplastic PVC jacket that resists heat, oil and chemical breakdown.

Surface Raceway
Surface Raceway is used to route wires through a discreet cable track that will improve the aesthetics in just about any room, and is a great and affordable way to conceal and protect cables in both the home and office. It is available in many different styles.

Unistrut unless noted is punch-press made from hot-rolled, pickled and oiled steel plates, strip or coil, and conform to ASTM specifications. The fitting steel also meets the physical requirements of ASTM. The pickling of the steel produces a smooth surface free from scale.

Wiring Duct
A Wiring Duct is a wire trough that easily allows for organization, pulling and separation of cables. It often features a sliding cover and “fingers” on the side that create slots for cables to be added, removed or rerouted along with the length of the run. The slots feature rounded edges to protect wires and hands from cuts and abrasions. Solid wall units are available to protect sensitive cables and electrical wiring from debris, dust and other outside contaminants.