Contactors are electrically controlled switches that are used for switching an electrical power circuit that is similar to a relay except with higher current ratings. A contactor is controlled by a circuit, which has a much lower power level than the switched circuit.

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Definite Purpose
Definite Purpose Starters are electrically operated switching devices that are specifically designed for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC) industry. They are controlled by automatic thermostat control or manual pushbutton interfaces.

IEC Accessories
IEC Accessories range from RS Components in extensive. There are IEC connectors, adaptors and filters as well as mains connectors, converters and text blocks.

IEC Contactors
IEC Contactors include non-reversing and reversing contactors and starters as well as overload relays and accessories. Enclosed control options include metallic and non-metallic enclosures with circuit breakers.

Accessories- Renewal Parts
Renewal Parts are refurbished and manufactured parts that provide the turbine and components for utility scale power generation.