NEMA 1 Enclosure

A NEMA 1 Enclosure is for general-purpose. It protects against dust, light and indirect splashing but it is not dust-tight. A NEMA 1 Enclosure primarily prevents contact with live parts. It is used indoor and under normal atmospheric conditions.

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2 pole
2 Pole Contactors have coil terminals and quick connect terminals. There are industry standard mounting plates that provide easily accessible mounting holes.

3 pole
3 Pole Contactors have reliable wiring of two conductors using double box terminals on contactors. They are easy to implement control wiring using prominently situated coil connection on the device front.

4 Pole
4 Pole Contactors have a compact design. They have a very high quality standard. 4 Pole Contactors are ideal for usage on world markets. 4 Pole Contactors have lower heat dissipation in the control panel.

5 Pole
5 Pole Contactors have a bidirectional peak limiting diode. They are mechanically linked conforming to IEC.

6 Pole
6 Pole Contactors allow longer control wiring runs. They latch after contactor command and removes coil from circuit for noise-free operation. It eliminates all coil losses after the contactor is latched.

8 Pole
8 Pole Contactors can be used to control a variety of lighting loads including: Tungsten filament lighting loads (incandescent), iodine lamps, quartz-iodine and infrared lamps, electric discharge lighting loads (ballast), high intensity discharge (HID), mercury vapor, metal halide and high pressure sodium and fluorescent lamps.

10 Pole
10 Pole Contactors offer easy cable termination. They provide an open-type enclosure for easy portability. They operate at a current rating of 30 Amps. 10 Pole Contactors have a nominal coil voltage rating of 110 120 VAC.

12 Pole
12 Pole Contactors feature a DIN rail mounting. They can have an incandescent or resistive load. They are for ballast and general-purpose power ON indicator Coil. They have a low humming coil and low noise CE approved.