Disconnect/Safety Switches

A disconnect is used to ensure that an electrical circuit is completely de-energized for service or maintenance. A safety switch is a device that quickly switches off the electricity if an electrical fault is detected. A safety switch minimizes the risk of injuries and deaths due to contact with electricity.

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Indoor Fused
Indoor fused transformers are designed for service in metalclad switchgear and are used for metering, relaying or control power. They are available in single, double, and tapped secondary designs and available with two accuracy and thermal rating options.

Outdoor Fused
Outdoor fused transformers are designed for outdoor service. They are suitable for operating meters, instruments, relays, control devices, either singly or in combination.

Indoor Non-Fused
Indoor Non-Fused have a compact size, are horsepower rated and have a quick make-quick break mechanism. These switches are provided with highly visible “ON” and “OFF” indicators and padlocking provisions on the handle and door. All switches are UL listed.

Outdoor Non-Fused
Outdoor Non-Fused have a General-Duty Safety Switch that offers a wide, unobstructed gutter and a removable interior that allows for quick and easy wire pulling and lug connections. They are CSA listed and ANSI certified.

Rotary Handle Style
Rotary Handles offer safety as the door is interlocked standard in the ON position. Rotary Handles offer security with up to 3 padlocks that can be used in the standard OFF position. There is easy installation and it is easy to use.

Safety switch accessories and disconnect switch accessories include a switch fuse, safety interlock switch, handle, fuse kits and ground bars.