Concrete Anchors

Concrete Anchors are fully removable solutions for solid and cracked concrete and grout filled CMU block. They can be used in uncracked concrete and grout filled CMU block. They also can be used for fastening in concrete, block, brick, masonry, and some other types of stone.

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Drop In/Hollow Wall Anchors
Drop-In Anchors are internally threaded concrete anchors, often installed overhead and flush with the surface of the concrete. These anchors are often used to support handrails, lighting fixtures, piping and more.

Sleeve Anchors
Sleeve Anchors are inserted into pre-drilled holes in masonry materials where they expand for a secure fit, anchoring objects to the concrete or brick.

Spike/Pipe Anchors
The SPIKE® Anchor is a patented, one-piece, tamper-proof vibration resistant anchor for use in concrete, block, brick or stone. There are several head styles and anchor materials that are available. The SPIKE Anchor is formed with an “S” shaped configuration at the working end of the anchor to create an expansion mechanism.

Wedge Anchors
Wedge Anchors are designed to anchor objects into concrete. They are installed into a pre-drilled hole and then tightening the nut to securely anchor into the concrete expands the wedge. They are not removable after the anchor is expanded.