Bridle Rings

Bridle Rings support communications cable and other low voltage wires. Bridle Rings offer support in durable, and easy-to-install styles.

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Bridle Ring w/Lag Screw
Bridle Rings w/ Lag Screws are used to support and organize the low voltage wires and cables in your installation. Bridle Rings are cost effective and are sold at a minimum cost while ensuring that your network is supported.

Bridle Ring w/Saddle
Bridle Ring w/Saddles offer the convenience of a bridle ring with the cable-bearing surface of a hook. They can easily be attached before or after cable installation. They are available in box quantities.

Bridle Ring w/Threaded Rod
A Bridle Ring w/Threaded Rod combines bridle rings with other fasteners to support cables from flange, purlin, drop wire, t-grid, etc. The material is steel and the finish is electrogalvanized.

Bridle Ring w/Wood Screw
Bridle Ring w/Wood Screw is used to support and organize low voltage wires and cables. They are a fast and cost effective way to support voice, data, and video cables from different structures. These bridle rings are very versatile and they are designed with an open loop for easy cable insertion. They are easy to use by just screwing the bridle ring into wooden beams or studs and run the cable.