Cable/Ceiling Wire Hanging Systems

Cable/Ceiling Wire, Chain & Rope are cable/ceiling wire hanging systems that include B-Line, Caddy Speedlink, Ceiling Wire/Suspended System and Gripple.

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B-Line manufactures a wide variety of high quality cable pathway products that are designed for modern, high performance network cabling. B-Line is designed to be a pathway for backbone and horizontal cable runs between racks and cabinets to anywhere from the primary service entry to workstations.

Ceiling Wire / Suspended System
Ceiling Wire/ Suspended System is a system of metal members that are designed to support a suspended ceiling, typically an acoustical ceiling. It also may be designed to accommodate lighting fixtures or air diffusers.

Gripple has been used to suspend a variety of mechanical and electrical services from different substrates. It is up to 6 times faster to install than traditional hanging systems and versatile. It is also easy to use. Gripple is strong, safe and industry approved.