Fixture Chains & S Hooks

Chains are ideal for hanging sigs, lighting fixtures and novelties such as flower pots, children’s toys and other general utility applications. A general utility chain can be used for multiple applications such as porch swings, children’s swings, animal chains and light fixtures.

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Chains (Jack Chain)

Chains (Jack Chain)
Fixture Chains offer a reliable solution for hanging a light fixture. Fixture Chains complement most decors while letting you add light almost anywhere in the home. Fixture Chains can be a great choice for your do-it-yourself projects.

S Hooks
S Hooks are used in lifting and can be attached to rope or chain using the hook ends. The S-shape makes attaching and removal of the hook easy. The shape also adds to its strength to distribute weight evenly on both hooks. It is excellent for porch swings, planters or baskets, shop overhead lighting and many other practical jobs around the home or business.