Lubricating Preparations

Lubricating Preparations include cutting-oil preparations, bolt or nut release preparations, anti-rust or anti-corrosion preparations and mold release preparations, based on lubricants. They can be used as preparations for the treatment of textile materials, leather, furskins or other materials.

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Anti Seize or Anti Stain Compounds Cutting Oil
Hydraulic Oil Spray lubricants
Wire Pulling Lube

Anti Seize or Anti Stain Compounds
Anti Seize or Anti Stain Compounds are for applications where incidental food contact is possible. It prevents sieving, galling, rust, corrosion and heat freeze. It is non-staining and odorless. Anti Seize or Anti Stain Compounds are conductive.

Cutting Oil
Cutting Oil is a type of coolant and lubricant that is designed specifically for metalworking processes, such as machining and stamping. There are various types of cutting oils, which include oils, oil-water emulsions, pastes, gels, aerosols (mists), and air or other gases.

Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic Oil is a power steering fluid. Most are mineral oil or silicone based fluids, while some use automatic transmission fluid, made from synthetic base oil.

Spray lubricants
Spray Lubricants will not mar paint, rubber or plastic surfaces. Spray Lubricants electronically insulates, lubricates and waterproofs all types of mechanical equipment. They coat hinges and channels, preventing locks, doors and windows from binding and squeaking.

Wire Pulling Lube
Wire Pulling Lube reduces friction and effort while pulling wire through conduit. Wire Pulling Lube is clear, slow-drying, non-staining thick gel lubricant that is harmless to humans and safe for the environment. Wire pulling Lube is compatible with common cable jacket materials. You can apply it by hand or inject it directly into conduit.