A19 Lamps

A19 Lamps are shaped like a snow cone. They are a typical light bulb. They can be used for standard household lighting in living rooms, bedrooms and more. They have been manufactured using energy-consuming incandescent technology. They are retrofitted for your existing incandescent fixtures as long-lasting, low-wattage replacement bulbs.

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Dimmable A19 Lamps can replace an incandescent lamp, which will save you in energy costs. It is ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways that are in your table and floor lamps, pendant fixtures or ceiling fixtures. They are fully dimmable and can be dimmed to different levels.

Non-Dimmable A19 LED lamps are a perfect energy saving replacement to the traditional incandescent light bulb. The lighting application is perfect for indoor and outdoor locations. It is ideal for use in table lamps, sconces, ceiling mount fixtures and in other general lighting applications. This product is not dimmable.