Exterior Lighting Fixtures & Accessories

Exterior lighting is an easy and cost-effective way that adds beauty and security to your home. Weather-resistant fixtures are available to highlight landscape features. They can also provide security at a door or in a dark area that allows you to enjoy your patio or garden in the evening.

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Area Lighting Flood Light
Garage or Canopy Lighting Halogen Lighting Fixtures
Landscape Lighting Poles, Posts & Accessories
Security Lighting Wall Pack

Area Lighting
Area lighting is a source of light with significant dimensions in two directions, such as window or luminous ceiling. It is a light that is used to illuminate large areas. Lighting of outdoor areas include streets, roadways, parking lots, and pedestrian areas that are dominated by metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) sources.

Flood Light
Floodlights are broad-beamed, high-intensity artificial lights. These lights often are used to illuminate outdoor playing fields. Focused floodlights are used as a stage lighting instrument in live performances such as concerts and plays. The most common type of floodlights is the metal-halide lamp and it emits a bright white light. LED floodlights are bright enough to be used for illumination purposes on large sport fields.

Garage or Canopy Lighting
Canopy lighting is used as a roofed structure that serves as a sheltered passageway or area. It can also be defined as a roof-like covering over an altar or niche. Garage lighting allows for you to find your way in and around your garage or shed with LED lights. You can install motion sensors for ease of use. This helps to ensure that your space is optimized for projects with bright workstation lighting. It can also add some appealing accents to the exterior.

Halogen Lighting Fixtures
Halogen lights are a form of incandescent lighting. They have halogen gas that is put inside of the glass envelopes of the light bulb to improve their rated life and to create a crisp, white light. Halogen lights are popular for work lights and video and film production. They are both bright and relatively lightweight.

Landscape lighting is a type of garden lighting that refers to the use of outdoor illumination of private gardens and public landscapes. It adds to the enhancement and purposes of safety, nighttime aesthetics, accessibility, security, recreation and sports. It can also be used for social purposes and events.

Lighting Poles, Posts & Accessories
A lighting pole consists of a pole to which lighting fixtures are attached and that usually extend from the floor to the ceiling. A pole offers function and a measure of stability and support for a lighting fixture. The post hardware makes all the elements work together to contribute to a synthesis of form and function and they provide a broad range of performance from lights mounted on poles of any kind.

Security Lighting
Security lighting is used as a preventive and corrective measure against intrusions or other criminal activity on a physical piece of property. Security lighting may be able to detect intruders, deter intruders and increase the feeling of safety.

Wall Pack
A wall pack is a type of light fixture that is affixed to a wall in a way that uses only the wall for support. The light is directed upwards, but not always. Wall packs do not have a base on the ground. Light fixtures donít need an electrical box to be installed. Wall fixtures can be used in hallways and corridors to provide both lighting and a point of interest in a long passage.