General Lighting & Fixtures

General Lighting & Fixtures are electrical devices that are used to create artificial light by use of an electric lamp. All light fixtures have a fixture body and a light socket to hold the lamp and allow for its replacement. Fixtures may also have a switch to control the light. Fixtures also require an electrical connection to a power source; permanent lighting may be directly wired and moveable lamps have a plug.

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Fluorescent fixtures Halogen lighting fixtures
Recessed lighting

Fluorescent fixtures
Fluorescent Fixtures are lighting fixtures that use a fluorescent lamp. They are usually tubular electric lamps that have a coating of fluorescent material on its inner surface and contains mercury vapor whose bombardment by electrons from the cathode that provides ultraviolet, which causes the material to emit visible light.

Halogen lighting fixtures
Halogen Lighting Fixtures are a form of incandescent lighting and they have halogen gas put inside the gas envelopes of the light bulb to improve their rated life to create a crisp, white light. They are great for display lights in museums, galleries and homes because they are capable of rendering colors better than almost any other light source.

Recessed lighting
Recessed Lighting is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. When it is installed it appears to have light shining from a hole in the ceiling, concentrating the light in a downward direction as a broad floodlight or narrow spotlight. The three parts of a recessed lighting fixture: housing, trim and bulb.

Track lighting
Track Lighting is a method of lighting where light fixtures are attached anywhere on a continuous track device which contains electrical conductors. This is opposed to the routing of electrical wiring to individual light positions. Tracks can be mounted to ceilings or walls, lengthwise down beams, or crosswise across rafters or joists. They can also be hung with rods from especially high places like vaulted ceilings.

Undercabinet fixture
Under Cabinet Fixtures is one of the most valuable additions that you can add to your kitchen, office space or shelving unit. They provide a source of evenly distributed light that can add both function and style to a space.