Butt Splice/Barrel Lug

A butt splice is a connector that is a form of so called “crimp” connectors. Crimp connectors are used to terminate wires safely, or connect one wire to another. The wire is inserted into the connector. Then the connector is “crimped”, usually with pliers. A barrel lug is a protrusion of a firearm’s bolt that locks it into the receiver or barrel.

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AL/CU Splicer Reducer/Mechanical
A splice reducer has a solid barrier wire stop. It is made of aluminum and is tin-plated. It has slotted screws. It is UL 486B tested and AL9CU rated. It has the certifications of RoHS compliance.

Copper Compression
Copper compression lugs are tin coated for maximum conductivity, ensuring efficient energy flow for best performance and safety. Familiar industry standard color-coding ensures quick selection of the proper sizes, and marked crimping points assist in making secure, professional connections every time.