Terminal & Power Distribution Blocks

Terminal blocks offer high-volume interconnect of control and signal circuitry, when labor cost reduction and ease of assembly is desired. Power blocks are available in a wide variety of wiring configurations to provide users with superior flexibility. They are UL 508A Approved for Industrial Control Panels and single-pole units may meet requirements for UL 508A feeder circuits.

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Terminal Blocks
A terminal block is a screw-type electrical connector where the wires are clamped down to the metal part by a screw. It is a connector, which allows more than one circuit to connect to another circuit. It often will contain two long aluminum or copper strips that are designed to connect different components.

Power Distribution Blocks
A power distribution block can save your contractor money when reworking circuits. It splits a primary power cable into a number of secondary circuits and provides a fixed tap-off point. It eliminates the need to re-splice and tap wires during a rework.