PPE/ Personal Care, Safety & Protection

Frost continues to improve upon its materials and standards that help keep all of us safe in the toughest conditions. Frost takes safety and protection seriously. Frost innovates and collaborates with companies, governments, industrial manufacturers, and academics to develop and test a wide range of materials.

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Emergency First Aid Kits/Eye Wash
Face & Head Protection Fall Protection & Rescue Equipment
Hearing Protectors Safety Apparel
Safety Eyewear

Cooling & Hydration
Cooling is imparting a sensation of moderate coldness or comfortable freedom from heat. Cooling permits such a sensation. Hydration is a solid compound that contains water molecules combined in a definite ratio as an integral part of the crystal. It is often used in combination.

Emergency First Aid Kits/Eye Wash
A first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid. It can be put together for the purpose of an individual or organization or purchased complete. There is a wide variation in the contents of first aid kids that are based on the knowledge and experience of those putting it together. Eye wash is a fluid that is commonly saline. It is used in the aid of rinsing the eyes.

Face & Head Protection
Selecting the proper face & head protection is one of the most critical components to ensure your safety. Face & head protection includes face shields, welding helmets, hard hats, bump caps, headgears, suspensions, visors and more. Face and head protection products are designed to improve the safety and comfort in the work place.

Fall Protection & Rescue Equipment
There are three basic types of fall protection. They are positioning, restraint, and personal fail arrest system. The first part of a fall protection program is to identify the potential fall hazards in your workplace. Some examples of fall protection are harnesses or belts. Rescue programs should be as safe as possible and take as little time as possible to bring a fallen worker to safety.

Hearing Protectors
In some work places, workers wear hearing protectors to reduce the amount of noise that reaches the ears. People should wear a hearing protector if the noise or sound level at the workplace exceeds 85 decibels (A-weighted) or dB(A). Hearing protectors reduce the noise exposure level.

Safety Apparel
Itís important to make sure that your employees have high quality protective clothing so that they can perform all of the duties that the job requires. Safety apparel should be functional, comfortable and provide necessary safety to employees. Some safety apparel would include aprons, vests, scrubs and lab coats. Frost has a large selection of work wear products that can provide your employees the clothing they need to get the job done safely and comfortably.

Safety Eyewear
Safety glasses are CSA-certified safety glasses that meet the criteria for impact resistance outlined in the standard. They are made of polycarbonate or CR39 (plastic) or Trivex. The manufacturer or supplier logo is marked or etched on all approved safety lenses, frames (front and temple), removable side shields and other parts of the glasses, goggles or helmets. Safety frames are stronger than street-wear frames and are often heat resistant. They are also designed to prevent lenses from being pushed into the eyes.