RJ Jacks & Plugs

A Registered Jack (RJ) is a standardized telecommunication network interface for connecting voice and data equipment to a service provided by a local exchange carrier or long distance carrier.

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RJ Molded Plugs RJ Jacks Cat3
RJ Jacks Cat5e RJ Jacks Cat6
Couplers 5E

RJ Molded Plugs
RJ Molded Plugs are round solid cable modular plugs. They are round cable modular RJ-12 connectors. They can be high-impact clear polycarbonate plugs. They can be in UL and Non-UL versions.

RJ Jacks Cat3
RJ Jacks Cat 3 is available in different colors. RJ Jacks Cat 3 is for telephone lines use. They can be premium-quality and unshielded. They can also be shielded, have a ultra low profile, flange, key and light pipes.

RJ Jacks Cat5e
The RJ Jacks Cat 5e is easy to use and toolless in some cases. It is easy to install. They can support single and double unshielded or shielded Cat5e Ethernet connections.

RJ Jacks Cat6
RJ Jacks Cat6 is easy to use and has high speed. It can be used with a keystone wall plate or panel. The wiring diagram next to wire clips. The RJ Jacks Cat6 is easy to use.

Couplers 5E
The RJ Coupler allows two network cables to be connected for added length. It is compatible with CAT5 and CATe cables. There is no loss of signal quality. The coupler offers outlets on both sides for the modular plugs on your cords to plug into.