A wall plate is a metal plate that is fixed to a wall for attaching a bracket, wiring, or other device. Wall plates can add a finishing touch to a room and transform the look depending on the design you go with.

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Coax Plates Combo Phone and Coax
Phone Module

Coax Plates
Coax Plates provide the highest quality connection for today’s digital audio/video equipment. They make it easy to connect 1 coaxial cable with F-connector into a wall. They can include mounting screws.

Combo Phone and Coax
A Combo Phone and Coax is for the connection of line cord and TV coax cable to the same wall jack. It is for new or replacement installations. Installation instructions are usually included. These are ideal for satellite dish installations.

A phone is a device that converts sound and electrical waves into audible relays, and is used for communication. Telephones consist of two essential parts; a microphone and a speaker. This allows the user to speak into the device and also hear transmissions from another user. The invention of the first telephone dates back to 1896.

A Snap-In Module is a modular safety system that is a freely parameterizable modular safety relay. The modular safety relay enables the interconnection of several safety applications. The comprehensive error and status diagnostics provides the possibility of finding errors in the system and localizing signals from sensors.