Voice & Data

A system that supports simultaneous voice and data (SVD) is one that can transceiver both voice and primary data concurrently over one PSTN modem.

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Wiring Duct

Datacom Wire & Cable
Data cables, which are sometimes referred to as premise wiring of datacom cable, are typically used inside the building, the exception of inside/outside station wire, which is used for some residential applications. Datacom applications include residential buildings, commercial buildings, local area networks, wide area networks and mainframes.

Coax Connectors and Splitters
Coax Connectors are electrical connectors that are designed to work at radio frequencies in the multi-megahertz range. They are typically used with coaxial cables and are designed to maintain the shielding that the coaxial design offers. A splitter is a device that divides a telephone signal into two or more signals, each carrying a selected frequency range, and can also reassemble signals from multiple signal sources into a single source signal.

RJ Jacks & Plugs
A Registered Jack (RJ) is a standardized telecommunication network interface for connecting voice and data equipment to a service provided by a local exchange carrier or long distance carrier.

Devices & Accessories
Voice and Data devices can be products from personal communication devices to accessories and parts. There is a large selection. The devices and accessories can be offered online or by location.

J-Hooks provide a stress free support for a variety of uses and trades such as the telecommunication industry, cabling, plumbing, electrical, fiber optic, CAT5, data communication, low voltage electrical, voice/data communication, fire protection cabling, distribution pathway systems as well as many others.

Closet Products
Closet products include closet systems, hangers, portable closets, hanging storage and much more. Closet products can also be composed of organizers, storage containers and closet shelving.

Datacom Cross Connect System & Accessories
Datacom Cross Connect System & Accessories can be used for “grooming” telecommunications traffic, switching traffic from one circuit to another in the event of a network failure, supporting automated provisioning and other applications.

Datacom Tools
Datacom Tools are the number one choice for cable testers, butt sets, wire managers, brady label printers, fiber termination kits and tool kits.

Surface Jacks
Surface Jacks replace old or a broken line jack. They are for new or replacement installations. A white finish matches any home or office décor. Surface jacks are for mounting on the wall or baseboard.

Surface Raceway
Surface raceways are a good fit in open-office areas. They are known as wire management systems, raceways and ducts provide organization, security and protection for data, voice and power cabling in premises wiring systems.

A wall plate is a metal plate that is fixed to a wall for attaching a bracket, wiring, or other device. Wall plates can add a finishing touch to a room and transform the look depending on the design you go with.

Wiring Duct
A Wiring Duct refers to a wire trough that easily allows for organization, pulling and separation of cables. It often features a sliding cover and “fingers” on the side that create slots for cables to be added, removed or rerouted along the length of the run. The slots feature rounded edges that protect wires and hands from cuts and abrasions.