Control Cable

Control Cable is a flexible instrumentation cable that is designed for measuring, control, or regulation in the field of process automation. It is a highly flexible multicore cable, with (class 5) copper conductors and a galvanized steel wire braid (GSWB) for mechanical protection.

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VNTC  Tray Cable Festoon Cable
MTW Hook UP Switchboard SIS

VNTC Tray Cable
VNTC Tray Cable can be used in free air, raceways, and direct burial. It can also be used in wet or dry locations. It is approved for direct burial. It is Class 1, Division 2 industrial hazardous locations per NEC. It meets the UL standards.

Festoon Cable
Festoon Cable has been specifically designed for use in festoon systems for power and control on cranes and hoists. Cables can also be used where space is at a premium or where extreme flexing is a requirement, with a recommended bend radius of three to five times cable diameter.

MTW Hook UP is used for machine tool wiring and internal wiring of appliances. Typical applications include wiring for refrigeration equipment, air-conditioning equipment, control wiring of machine tools, automatic washers, etc. Type MTW rating permits use in (i) dry locations not to exceed 90C.

Switchboard SIS
Switchboard SIS is predominately used in utility substations switchboards. They are for use in Class 1E low voltage applications in applications in operation and interconnection of protective devices where optimum performance is required. It is rated 600 volts.