Industrial Cable

Industrial cable is supplied to a variety of industries. It can be used in tough and demanding applications. This type of cable works in high temperature environments as well as high-voltage uses. It can withstand harsh treatment such as abrasion and contact with flames.

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Festoon Cable VNTC  Tray Cable

Festoon Cable
Festoon Cable has been specifically designed for use in festoon systems for power and control on cranes and hoists. Cables can also be used where space is at a premium or where extreme flexing is a requirement, with a recommended bend radius of three to five times cable diameter.

VNTC Tray Cable
VNTC Tray Cable can be used in free air, raceways, and direct burial. It can also be used in wet or dry locations. It is approved for direct burial. It is Class 1, Division 2 industrial hazardous locations per NEC. It meets the UL standards.