Wire Marking

Wire marking is an identification system that gives you dozens of ways to mark your product. This can include dispensers, preprinted alphanumeric and colored tape, write-on books and tags. Pressure-sensitive adhesives or self-laminating adhesives are the choices.

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Wire Identification Card
Wire Marker Book Wire Marker Partex
Wire Marker Roll & Dispenser Write on Wire Marker

Wire Identification Card
Wire identification cards have fast loading P1 label cassettes that include both label material and ribbon to make changing labels easy. The self-laminating adhesive labels for wire/cable identification include a colored print-on area and clear over laminate. There is a white print-on area.

Wire Marker Book
Wire marker books are convenient pocket-size booklets. They have plastic-impregnated cloth construction for long-lasting durability. They are self-sticking on wire and cable. They have non-smear black legend that ensures high visibility.

Wire Marker Partex
The Wire Marker Partex has easy marking for connected cables, rapidly installed without tools. It allows for alterations to wires that have already been terminated. It is halogen-free. It is designed to interlock when fitted enabling easy alignment of multiple character markings.

Wire Marker Roll & Dispenser
The Wire Marker Roll & Dispenser is an easy way to carry and dispense up to 10 rolls of ScotchCode SDR tape. It is a compact, carry-along dispenser with an end-loop that easily hooks the dispenser to a tool pouch or belt.

Write on Wire Marker
A Write on Wire Marker is recommended for wire with an outer diameter of 0.09 to 0.31 inches. The marker is 0.75 x 1.375 inches, with a write-on area of 0.75 x 0.312 inches.