GFCI Protection Devices

GFCI’s are the most often used “receptacle-type” that are similar to a common wall outlet and it is the type that most consumers are familiar. Circuit breaker GFCIs are often used as replacements for standard circuit breakers and they provide GFCI protection to all receptacles on that individual circuit.

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Combination GFCI Protection Devices protect against both Arc and Ground Faults. They offer cost savings that give a lower cost. They are also easy to install and make it first class in electrical safety.

Commercial 15 Amp
Commercial 15 Amps feature reset lockout, which provides an end-of-life indication and prevents the reset if the GFCI gets damaged so that it cannot respond to a ground fault. It is Fed Spec rated for the most demanding applications. They are also energy efficient.

Commercial 20 Amp
Commercial 20 Amps are ideally used in homes, offices, schools and commercial buildings. They are the preferred choice of electricians, contractors and serious DIYers. There is a heavy-gauge, rust-resistant steel-mounting strap. They are self-grounding. There is a shallow design for maximum wiring room in box.

GFCI protection is required near pools, spas and hot tubs. The faceless GFCI is designed specifically for these applications and provides the superior lockout features of the standard GFCIs. They are usually rated 20A-125V.

Hospital Grade
Hospital Grade GFCIs take up to 25% less space in the wallbox vs. other tamper-resistant GFCIs and they are built with a patented reset lockout feature that block the reset button if the GFCI protection has been compromised. The GFCIs meet the latest NEC® and UL requirements and are Fed Spec Rated for healthcare facilities.

Residential 15 Amp
The Residential 15 Amp offers a UL approved, code-compliant solution that provides two 15A/125VAC NEMA 5-15R power outlets. It supplies AC power for two components (flat panel TVs and video receivers). These are perfect for homes, apartments, co-ops, condos and offices. They fit in most common electrical boxes.

Residential 20 Amp
The Residential 20 Amp is designed for a chic appearance, quick installation and durability. The impact-resistant thermoplastic design allows for a long service life and high performance in homes, offices, schools and other settings. These are perfect for residential locations.

Tamper / Weatherproof
The Tamper/Weatherproof resistant grounded duplex receptacle meets the 2008 NEC requirement. There is a shutter mechanism inside the receptacle the blocks the access to the contacts unless a 2-prong plug is inserted, helping ensure hairpins, keys, etc. will be locked out. They are resistant against all types of weather. Terminals allow for easy wiring options. They are back and side wire capable.