Receptacles provide a place in a wiring system where current can be taken to run electrical devices. Receptacles are devices that allow electrically operated equipment to be connected to the primary alternating current (AC) power supply in a building.

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There is an assortment of combination receptacles that you can fill with a one-gang space with two switches, a switch and receptacle and even a switch and GFCI. From sensor guide lights to multi-purpose styles and Tamper-Resistant receptacles, we accommodate your every need. They are built to last and designed to save space. They are also attractively styled devices for at home or for any setting.

Commercial receptacles have an impact-resistant thermoplastic construction. They have back wire and side wire terminal options. There is a heavy-gauge zinc-plated steel locked-in wraparound strap. They are brass staked on a self-grounding clip. There are heavy-duty triple-wipe brass contacts for long service life.

Dryer / Range / Power
Dryer/Range/Power receptacles are time-tested power outlet receptacles and plugs. These are quality power devices that deliver higher amperage power to typical household appliances, including ranges and dryers.

Hospital-grade receptacles have a thick brass-mounting strap for superior performance and durability. There are no exposed terminals, which create a finger safe application before, during and after installation. There is a built-in connector that features large brass terminal blades to ensure consistent, reliable electrical connections.

Industrial receptacles have a one-piece mounting strap with integral ground. They have an impact-resistant nylon face and back body. Industrial receptacles have an exclusive patented feature with an external screw-pressure-plate back wire clamp on ground terminal for faster, easier installation.

Isolated Ground
An isolated ground receptacle is a local ground connection that is used with a supply, one of the most common earthing arrangements that is used with domestic mains supplies. The primary reason for the use of isolated grounds (IG) is to provide a noise-free ground return, separate from the equipment grounding (EG) return.

Residential receptacles are devices that are rated for all residential applications in a variety of standard configurations. They are produced in an array of colors in both Decora and traditional styles. They are all designed with thermoplastic construction and feature a shallow build for a maximum wiring room. They have a heavy-gauge, rust-resistant steel mounting strap.

A single receptacle is also called a single outlet or a single electrical socket, which receives only one electrical plug. It is different from a standard residential receptacle, which has room for two plugs. Single receptacles are often placed in commercial and industrial settings where heavy machinery and equipment is used.

Tamper / Weather Resistant
The outdoor grade versions are also tamper-resistant. They are all UL Listed weather-resistant. They are constructed with UV stabilizing engineering thermoplastic for high cold impact resistance, the devices feature stainless steel straps and mounting screws. They work in rain or shine to meet all outdoor needs.

The USB receptacle is the highest power device on the market. There are two vertical high-powered USB ports. They have a 3.6A charging capacity. They have smart chip-powered USB ports that recognize the requirements of attached device and optimize charge accordingly. They are back and side wired for easy installation.