Straight Blade

Straight blades can come in a variety of receptacles. It can be anything from standard, GFCI, AFCI, USB Charger, Power Plugs, Connectors, Power Receptacles and Snap-In Devices.

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Straight blade connectors are offered in an extensive variety of straight blade plugs and connectors. They cover the full range of Residential, Hospital, Industrial and Commercial Specification Grades along with special solutions like Watertight, Severe Duty and Corrosion Resistant devices for unique, complex environments.

Straight Blade Plugs are offered in hospital, industrial, commercial and residential grade plugs for unlimited application settings. These also include special purpose devices such as watertight, dust-tight and power indicating and more.

Straight Blade Receptacles are industrial grade power receptacles that are made of tough and heavy-duty nylon for long service life. They are available in flush-mount, panel-mount and surface mount applications.