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  All-Pro EA24 24 Inch Mounting Arm For Pole-Mount (AL3050, AL3150 & AL5550 LED Area Light Fixtures)...    $11.60 ea  
  Lumark XTOR1B Crosstour 12 Watt LED Slim Wall Pack Fixture, 120-277V, 5000K, 1418 Lumens, 70 CRI,...    $110.23 ea  
  Lumark NFFLD-C40-S Brz 128 Watt LED Night Falcom Floodlight Fixture w/ Slipfitter, 120-277V, 16932...    $472.15 ea  
  Lumark XTOR2B-PC1 Crosstour 18 Watt LED 120V Wall Pack Fixture w/ Photo Cell, 5000K, 2135 Lumens,...    $200.64 ea  
  ^ All-Pro FE0650LPCW White LED Entry/Patio 11 Watt Light Fixture w/ Dusk To Dawn Photo Cell,...    $33.84 ea  
  Lumark XTOR2B Crosstour LED 18 Watt Wall Pack Fixture 120-277V, 5000K, 70 CRI, 2135 Lumens, 72000...    $147.56 ea  
  Lumark XTOR3B Crosstour LED 26 Watt Wall Pack Fixture 120/277V, 5000K, 70 CRI, 2650 Lumens, 72000...    $168.18 ea  
  Lumark NFFLD-S-C70-T-UNV BRZ LED 20 Watt Night Falcon Small Flood Light Fixture, Trunnion Mount, 120-277V,...    $192.43 ea  
  Lumark NFFLD-C25-T 85 Watt LED Night Falcon Floodlight Fixture, 120-277V, 4000K, 10,530 Lumens, 70...    $341.01 ea  
  Lumark XTOR6B Crosstour MAXX LED 58 Watt Wall Pack, 120-277V, 5000K, 6129 Lumens, 70 CRI (Replaces...    $101.25 ea  
  Lumark XTOR8BRL Crosstour MAXX LED 81 Watt Wall Pack w/ Refractive Lens, 120-277V, 5000K, 70 CRI,...    $276.38 ea  
  Lumark NFFLD-S-C15-KNC-UNV 51 Watt LED Night Falcon Small Flood Light Fixture 120-277V, 4000K, 70 CRI, 5976...    $265.70 ea  
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